March 2019 PTO Meeting Minutes

Chestnutwold Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

General Meeting Agenda: March 6th , 2019

ChCK Trait: - Empathy

 “Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another.” – Alfred Adler

  • Speaker: Steph McCloskey- 5th Grade Unity Party

    • Event will be at the middle school

    • there will be an informational meeting

    • date has been set

  • Teacher Remarks

    • -reminder about Bingo night, there will be no pizza to purchase if not pre-ordered

  • Principal’s Remarks

    • thank you for support with Peter Pan

    • finalized submission to be considered as Nat’l School of Character

    • considering ways to build on 21st Century Schools

  • Easy Money Update: Nina Wickersham

    • just submitted Box Tops, $392 check will come in April

    • we will send out a reminder about Giant A+. This is one of largest sources of easy money.

  • Treasurer Report

    • $20,509 end of February.  Deposits from Bag Bingo, Art Club, Learning Express.   Expenses largely due to Bag Bingo and the play.

    • Non-Profit Update - we are now a non-profit!

    • Amazon Smile Update - only works for shopping through the website.  But you can add a shortcut to your phone.

  • IDC update - school district is working with a communications consultant, there will be a survey coming out seeking information about how the district can communicate better with families.

  • Board Vacancies for 2019-2020:

    • Co-President

    • Secretary

    • VP In School Activities

    • VP out of School Activities

    • Co-Treasurer 

  • Yearbook Update

    • information is on the blast - for sale now!

    • please submit any additional photos from parties, clubs, school events

  • Save the Date:  

    • Town Tap Give Back Night: Tuesday, March 12 4-9:30. They take reservations!  The owners are a Chestnutwold Family

    • CW Family Celebration Night: Thursday, March 28  - if interested in helping organize, please contact Yvie Fabiella or Mr. D. Forms must be submitted March 22nd 

    • Variety Show: Friday, March 29 

    • Adult Social at Wynnewood Lanes: Saturday, April 13, 8-10. Contact Jamie Hawthorn if you’d like to be on the planning committee 

  • HTSD Education Fund Twilight Run: Saturday, April 27, 4 pm at HHS 

    Request from HTSD Education Fund for $500

Next meeting: April 3. Speaker- Courtney Gill, nutritionist and Chestnutwold parent