Art Club

Students meet in 3-week sessions by grade to make beautiful pieces of art. Offered to all grades but will meet at the grade level, at different times determined by the chair during the school year. It will take place from 3:30-4:30. The children will learn about how art enhances their educational experience, learn about different artists, and create their works of art. The club will need parent volunteers to help keep the children on task. This club will have a fee determined by the chair.

Chestnutwold Chatter

Students meet year round to create stories, compile interviews and create puzzles for the twice-yearly publication.

Garden Club

Students meet after school in the spring or on the weekends with a parent or guardian to help beautify the garden in front of the school: planting, gardening, weeding, and fun projects

Phoenix Kids

An upstander club for children in 2nd through 5th grade. Our goal is to build awareness and an appreciation for diversity, inclusion and teach kids how to stand up for others in their community.

Roots and Shoots

An environmental club for K-5 students based on Jane Goodall’s legacy and vision. Learn about nature and environmental issues through projects, visiting experts, and games. Last year our students created an evening fair that raised funds and awareness for several ocean-related organizations. This year we have a different theme, and we're excited to see what they learn, and what they will teach the school community.


Collect pictures and information of the school year and the student body and organize it into a yearbook sold to all interested families. There is a club composed of students that will meet to help organize the final product. Parent volunteers are needed to direct and assist the students during these meetings.