How to get classroom party information throughout the year!

If you are have a new student at CW, have you registered them in Fresh Schools, our online directory? If not your can register by going to this link:

You'll go into a pending status, once you complete the link above. We'll approve you and you'll get an invite to the directory within a couple of days and then follow the instructions below to assign your child’s classroom.

If you have a returning student, have you updated your child’s teacher information in Fresh Schools for 2018-2019? If not, the class parents will not be able to share information with you about upcoming homeroom parties. If you follow these directions, it will take a minute to make the change.  Here’s how to do it:

1.      Log into via a computer only (the app will not work for the following instructions).

2.      Search for your child using the search bar in the top right.

3.      Click on your child's name.

4.      Click the "pencil" icon in the top right window of your child's profile.

5.      In the "Classes" field start typing the name of your child's teacher. Select the teacher name.

6.      Scroll all the way down and click "Save Profile"

If you have trouble, please email